The White room

In the white room – a deep siberian system created epic conditions today.

-11C at the top lift and strong snowfall all day created a pillowy, fluffy wonderland. Tomorrow will be another bluebird and with snowfall into the early hours its going to be a good one!


Hakuba – Jan 11th 2012 from morinolodge on Vimeo.

Vintage Hakuba – Jan 5th – Jan7th

Haven’t posted for a few days but what a few days its been. The 5th was deep all over the mountains with the runs from the day before sporting bottomless powder again the next morning.

Cortina was closed due to too much snow but opened its top lift for the 6th with 55cm of fresh lying in wait. The sun obliged with a bluebird day.

Last night we got another 20-30cm at the snowy end of the valley on top of the settled metre or so from the last few days. The combination of the settled fast and springy underlayer with 30cm of fresh on top was just perfect.

Here’s a brief video montage of the last few days.

Hakuba – Jan5th-7th from morinolodge on Vimeo.

Grab your snorkel!

Major dumpage going on in Hakuba right now. Started in the morning and there was another 40cm in the trees by the afternoon and its been coming down all day since then. Tomorrow is going to be very deep!

Here’s some footage from today.

Untitled from morinolodge on Vimeo.

Another Bluebird day – Jan 3rd

Another 40cm overnight followed by a bluebird day. The New year hordes were out today and the forest turned into a mogul field by lunch!

Not before Morino and Wadano guests David, Paul and Rich had staked their turns.

Something I hadn’t noticed when filming – If you look carefully in the last sequence with Paul riding, in the foreground there’s an arctic hare running up the mountainside.

Untitled from morinolodge on Vimeo.

New year Cortina trees

Well there’s been a lot of snow since the last post and Cortina is almost at the 3m base mark. Another 30cm last night and a Morino staff and Guest trip to Cortina was in order.

Craig on the backside














The right side of the bowl was still very bushy with less bush on the left side. The backside was wide and open. The next dump should flatten the remaining bushes down and open up the frontside more.

Matt in the trees














Sun tomorrow, followed by more snow on the 1st, sun on the 2nd and possible dumpage from the 3rd to the 5th. Happy new year!!

The new Hakuba mascot!?!