March Madness

Just a few quirky moments from this week on the mountain…

Why wouldn't you dress as a dragon to ski? Looks pretty toasty, actually!

A small snowman watches over the lunchtime crowd.

No Boozin' and Cruisin! Apparently drunken skiing happens enough that they have to tell guests not to partake? おもしろい!

March 12th. A Little Slice of Heaven!

Craig tears it up in the trees.

The view from Tsugaike resort's long and cruisy groomers.

The boys get pumped for another lap of powdery bliss.

Backcountry in our backyard. I Love it!

Yes, there is still powder left to be had out there, and we were happy to go find it… everywhere!   Round 2 of winter has been an absolute blast.  Can’t wait til the skies unleash once again.

Legendary! March 11th Tsugaike

Winter has caught a second wind and blessed us with yet another bluebird powder day!  We did more riding than taking pictures yesterday.  It was too epic to stop!

Matt takes off through the creamy snow!

The sun goes down on another fantastic day. Can't help but love it here!

Craig rides the powder wave. Good practice for surfing this summer!

Gifts from the Snow Gods

Keigo opts for the more adventurous route...via river!

It’s been snowing hard here in Hakuba, and the Morino crew all got on the slopes early to enjoy some fresh lines.   The 25 new centimeters came in a little heavy, but still heaps of fun to ride!  Keigo and I took a detour that had us crossing a river a few times and trudging through thigh-deep snow for ages. Well, knee-deep snow to  you non-midget types.   I suppose  you have to sweat a little for your powder every once in a while.  Whatever it takes to keep the powder gods happy!

In the meantime, those dieties of frozen vapour  have us all looking skyward and returning those smiles.  The  snow is still coming down steadily, only lighter and fluffier now.  Another fresh 30 or 40 by tomorrow morning?  Fingers crossed.  I’m glad to see this season still has some goodies in store for us powder hounds.  Woo hoo!!!

Stunning Spring Days

March is here and the snow predictions for this week look sick!  Our home in Hakuba is as beautiful as ever with fresh snow on the ground and plenty  more  powder days to come!

The road into Hakuba

Blue skies and Pristine Powder. Aaaahhhh...