Blizzard Bizzare. April 3rd.

Hakuba rode quite the weather roller-coaster today.   A sudden snowstorm plowed through what had once been a clear and warm spring day.   The sudden 4 degree drop in temps and onslaught of snowflakes stopped as suddenly as it started. Winter’s dying hiccup, perhaps?

I hit the slopes at Hakuba 47 to enjoy  the new dusting of  snow and found that I had just missed a huge slalom snowboard race.  The  mountain was packed full of sleek racers, hippie ski bums, and  wildly colorful park punks.  A huge snowboard demo kept everyone kitted up with fun new toys to try.  I was happy just to cruise a few groomers on what had turned out to be a glorious  spring afternoon and let myself be entertained by what the circus had brought to town.

A wide variety of demo boards to take up and try out.

A great variety of colors and patterns on the mountain today

Geared up to shred.

Tailgaiting Hakuba style! BBQ and beer in the 47 parking lot.

Sweet snow planks.

A splash of color

Apres Ski smiles. Morino guests enjoy a beer at the bottom of 47 after a most amusing day!

Happo March 31st – Clockwork seasons.

I couldn’t make it out today but Eric, our trusty Wadano lodge manager and faceless being (he’s very shy on the internet) took the camera out and did some easy lines off the back of Happo.It looks like spring kicked in from this afternoon and it will be sunny t-shirt days of park riding and corn backcountry lines until the end of the season in May.

Yari seen through Eric's skis

Eric in the upper bowl

Faceless being in the upper bowl

Lines from the day

March 30th – Good as it gets

I know Jen just posted for today but I had to post some more pics and vids from my camera cause it was such a cracker!

an almost festive atmosphere on the mountain and perfect snow – as the title says, as good as it gets and a fitting finale to a great season of powder. Get your t-shirts and sunnys out cause it’s Spring skiing from here on in!

Some more pics

Forget the lamb. March goes out like a Lion! Powderific bottomless bliss! March 30th.

I have to rank today’s endless powder-smashing as one of my best days on the mountain ever!  A beautiful sunny day, fresh pow as far as the eye could see, and great friends to enjoy it with.  We rode from the first lift until our powder legs simply gave out beneath us.  I felt like I had died and gone to heaven!  Now off to the onsen to bask in the glory of March’s last hoo-rah!

First lift... Release the powder hounds!

Eric is all smiles

Powder ain't just for people! Our second sighting of a Kamoshika today.

Fat fun freshies all day long. aaaaaaaaahhhh!

Epic late March days!! March 29th

Today the morning started off almost bottomless and was dumping so hard it ended up bottomless by the end. Epic mid season-like conditions with deep dry powder and cold temps. Could have done with a face mask.

It was still nuking when we left at the end of the day and is forecast to snow until about 6am and then the sun’s supposed to come out so tomorrow is gonna be epic.

Heres a vid from this afternoon.