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Happy Hakuba Holidays

Hisashiburi! Did you miss us?  It’s that time of year again… the middle of January and we are just getting around to posting our first blog of the season!  But can you blame us for being a tad tardy?  Heaps of fresh snow with consistent cold temps has given us plenty of powder to play… Read more »

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BBQ party and High cascade super park 3rd day

The Lodge was turned into an open air theatre and BBQ area last night for the High cascade Super Park BBQ party. The riders managed to get a fairly early night which couldn’t be said for some of the other partygoers. After a quick Morino heli scout of the back range for future lines the… Read more »

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High cascade super park Day 2 – The Heli arrives!

Arrived in style by heli today for day two of the High cascade super park session.Definitely the fastest I’ve ever made it from the Lodge to the top of Sakka! The combination of a complete lack of wind, faster snow conditions on the run-ups and the Heli shooting meant all the riders were really pushing… Read more »

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