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洋室ツイン・ダブル 3室



・2つの快適なラウンジルームにはソファ、40インチプラズマテレビ、Apple TVとi-podドックが設置されています。

Child Features

モリノシャレー コンシェルジュサービス




Pete & Sarah Donahue


“If I only had one word to describe Morino Lodge, it would be ‘ AWESOME.’  The people are amazing, the food to die for and the snow a dream. We spent 10 days in Japan and the guys and girls at Morino helped to make them the most enjoyable days we’ve ever had. All of the crew made sure that we were well looked after for everything – ski hire, lift tickets, places to visit and things to eat. They helped us with airport transfers and accommodation in Tokyo as well as where to ski to get the best powder stashes – the best powder we’ve ever skied! People hear of the almost mythical powder in Japan but I can attest it’s no fairytale – it’s up to your thighs and light as a feather. Do yourself a favour and book in now, you won’t be disappointed.”

Leanne and David

“Great location, excellent service and lots of smiles made our trip complete!”


“I have had more fun than I could have possibly imagined.  Love the lodge, love the company, LOVE THE SNOW!”