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Booked Coach/Van from Narita or Haneda Airport
Nagano Snow Shuttle (approx 5 hours, 10000 – 13200 yen)

  • Large sized bus from either Narita or Haneda Airport to either Hakuba or Myoko (and back again).
  • Perhaps most straightforward if their time suits your arrival time
  • Will take you very near our front door where we will come pick you up to get you checked in
  • https://naganosnowshuttle.com/

Chuo Taxi (approx 5 hours, 14500 yen)

  • Large van from either Narita or Haneda Airport to Hakuba (no Myoko service unfortunately) , which depending on the size of your own group, you may share with others on the same flight or with very similar arrival times
  • Best for any “awkwardly” timed arrivals.
  • Will often deliver you directly to our front door, though we do need to coordinate this at time
  • Can be booked by email at info@chuotaxi.co.jp
    • Arrival Airport / Date / Flight Number / Scheduled Arrival Time
    • Destination: Morino Lodge Hakuba / Chalet Name (if applicable)
    • Full Name for each person
    • Total Number of bags, with ski or boardbags specified
    • Return Details in the same style (if applicable)

Public Train and Bus Transit
Shinkansen/Bullet Train
Bullet train from Tokyo to Nagano Station (approx 1h23min, 8340 yen)

Bus from Nagano Station to Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal where we will pick you up (approx 1 hour, 2200 yen)

Express Train

Hakuba (3h, 41 min, 8050 yen)
If you are staying in the Shinjuku area before coming up to Hakuba or on the way back, there is one (sometimes two depending on season) direct train per day coming straight to Hakuba. Current schedule is 8:00 AM departure from Shinjuku (double check for details). If this time suits you, this can be the best way. Other trains along this route at different times involve changing trains and at that point, the Bullet Train route outlined above is better.
Also for return, there is one (and only one) direct train per day from Hakuba to Shinjuku, currently scheduled to leave Hakuba at 15:15 and arrive in Shinjuku at 19:06.