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Feb 10th/11th – Are randomly spaced trees really random?

Or do they exhibit fractally generated spacing by natural iterative processes that the brain is able to compute and predict…Something to ponder when hurtling through them. Have you ever tried skiing through a plantation? Here are some more pics of randomly spaced trees from the Finns. Conditions have been great and another 40cm is coming… Read more »

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Feb 8th – 30cm fresh at Cortina

Half of Morino and Wadano lodge joined us today for a day of lapping easy trees at Cortina. Once again the snow gods smile on Cortina which gets a decent 30cm since yesterday morning whilst Hakuba village only gets 5 or 10cm Thanks to Heikki, and the Finns, staying at Wadano lodge for their pics!

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Copious amounts of Fire, Sake, and Fun! Nozawa Fire Festival

If you had the Japanese pegged as quiet, polite and conservative, you would be right most of the time… but The Nozawa Onsen Fire Festival proves that when the Japanese let loose, they can out-wild anyone! Combine slippery snow with buckets of sake and an excuse to beat each other sense-less with fire and you… Read more »

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