About Hakuba

The city of Hakuba is part of the old salt road connecting Matsumoto to the Japan sea and has been around for centuries……..much longer than the ski resorts and Olympic games it`s since become famous for. Local adventurists first started hiking and “sliding” down the wintery peaks around the turn of the 20th century and Happo One was established as Hakuba`s first official Ski resort in 1931. Since then over a dozen newer resorts have opened along the valley, the most recent being Hakuba 47.  In light of this, Hakuba doesn`t really have a “center of town”, but instead has several mini-villages nestled around the resort bases.

Of these mini-villages, Morino Lodge is located in the nicest and most convenient; Wadano. Surrounded by snow-covered forest and away from any major roads, Morino Lodge seems its own little winter wonderland, yet it`s only a 5 minute walk to the Happo Gondola and one of the main shuttle bus hubs (free and frequent shuttles to all Hakuba`s major resorts) is less than 100 meters from our front door, so you’ve got quick and easy access to all the major resorts in the Hakuba valley!

Many of Hakuba`s best restaurants are also located nearby as are its best Onsens.