Get yourself enRoute to Hakuba.



Pink pants & powder.

For years i used to go back to Canada & try to explain to my ski friends the amazing experience to be had shredding in the Japan Alps….“It`s like heli-skiing in BC……..but off of lifts….& for 40 bucks a day!!” It sounded too good to be true & at best i got an “umhmm……..right” for a response. But “the word” (which the Scandinavians & Aussies have known for a while now) is definitely getting out in North America.

Proof! Hakuba is the cover story of this Octobers` enRoute Magazine (which is Air Canada`s in-flight publication).

Last February we had the pleasure of showing these talented BC boys some of Hakuba`s best restaurants, onsens, surrounding sites, & of course powder snow. The fruit of which is this lovely article that captures nicely, both the quirkiness & magic a trip to Hakuba has to offer….& great pic of Morino member Manami on the front cover! That was taken at Hakuba Highland Onsen (which has one of the best views in the valley) if you`re wondering.


Click below & scroll to page 79 or….Click here to go straight to the story.


Enter the Zen….or the big mountains.


Oct_Hakuba_8 (1)

Monkey paparazzi & Tsugaike crepes.


Dinner at Shirouma So

Dinner at Shirouma So

Shirouma So is a lovely hotel near us with a private Onsen & traditional dinners. Ask us to book you in for either.

Our trusty K-truck.

Manami & our trusty K-truck.