Get in the mood for the deep Hakuba Powder Pt. 2

Fitness may be low at this time of year, but enthusiasm is high….a couple friends of Morino snowshoed up Cortina the other day for a few turns in the 60cm of fresh pow.  And with more snow in the forecast next week, the folks of Hakuba are getting in the mood indeed.

To get everyone else feeling the early winter excitement, here`s Part 2 of the photography of Scott Rinckenberger from his time at Morino Lodge last February. In this group of photos Scott cpatures one of the things that makes Hakuba so darn special….the trees, the light & the abundance of fresh snow. Enjoy!

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Wabisabi - this shot perfectly captures the Japanese aesthetic

Wabisabi – the Japanese aesthetic

Ghosty Trees

Ghosts in the forest!

Wind Snow Trees 2

post blizzard forest

Windswept Trees

high on the snow desert

Streaming Sunlight

not a bad day for a walk in the woods

Graceful treeline

the perfect canvas to paint a picture….

Behind the Turn

….picture painted.

….to be continued.

Check out Part 1.