Further in Hakuba

Last night was the Hakuba Premier of the second installment in Big Mountain Legend, Jeremy Jones` snowboard movie trilogy, Deeper, Further, Higher….and i gotta say, it was some inspiring stuff.

In Further Jeremy & pals like Terje Haakonsen & Josh Dirksen push the limits of backcountry adventure, going to some really remote places with really gnarly lines. Camping out for weeks in the Wrangell Mountains in Alaska (an extreme environment where humans aren`t really meant to be) & the Atomfjella Mountains in Norway`s far North (they had clear views of the North Pole from some of their summits!) were 2 of the highlights for me….

….but the real highlight for me (& all the other Hakuba-ites gathered in the theater) was the first segment, where Jeremy & Forrest Shearer discover the magnitude of world-class terrain that is our backyard here in Hakuba. They spent nearly a month here camping, climbing & rapidly descending some of the finest lines on the planet. Indeed Jeremy himself gave Hakuba a heart-felt endorsement, proclaiming it amongst the best terrain he has ever ridden….and lets not forget, this guy has been absolutely shredding Alaska for the past 20 years.

And this wasn` just lip-service as its what we have known since we first  came here 12 years ago. Very good terrain with very good snow!

Anyhow, Further is well-worth checking out.It`s available on here on itunes.

It was great to see all of Hakuba there last night & i think we`re all now eagerly anticipating the coming season. Be safe & pray for big snow!