Big Bear Alert!

Japanese woodblock of bear

Officially bears do exist in Hakuba. In fact, they`re all over Japan. The Japanese black bear (tsukinowaguma), with its white crescent moon collar is traditionally associated with the Shinto mountain spirit yama no kami.  So if you see one, don`t run……pray for powder & a stable snow-pack. 

Hakuba self-contained chalet

How many black bears are there in Hakuba? No one knows. But they`re either extremely elusive or really low in numbers, as in 11 years in the Hakuba valley, i`ve yet to see one……excluding of course the 3 new ones just up the street from Morino Lodge……

……Thats`s right, the Cottages formerly known as Aurinko have had a name change and are now being called the Big Bear Chalets.

Japan ski chalet

There still in the same great location – in the heart of beautiful Wadano – & you can expect the same great service & all the comforts & amenities that make them one of Hakuba`s very best self-contained accommodation options.

Self-contained hakuba Chalet

They`re filling up for the 2011/12 ski season but have some availability early season & in February & March.

Wadano Chalet Cottage

Have a look @ –

private hot spring hakuba onsen

Big bear has it going on!