Day 1 – Welcome party and High cascade super park session 1

The High cascade Super Park session got off to a roaring start in the Morino lodge lounge last night. A chance for the production teams Indres formation, Bravoski, First children and Seven Samurai and the riders to get to know each other!

First Children production team introduce themselves

Voekl team rider Keiji Okamoto wins at Jenga!

Surprisingly, after all the late night shenanigans, everyone managed to make it out the door the next morning. 15cms of fresh overnight (not bad for mid April!) and the sun was starting to poke out. Today would be a great day to hit the High cascade super park!

10cm in the car park 15cm on the mountain

The 25m kicker at the bottom

Discovered a new function on my camera!

The riders took a while to get warmed up but by the afternoon there were some spectacular aerobatic displays. Tomorrow is set to be another stunning spring day for the scheduled heli filming session.