Blizzard Bizzare. April 3rd.

Hakuba rode quite the weather roller-coaster today.   A sudden snowstorm plowed through what had once been a clear and warm spring day.   The sudden 4 degree drop in temps and onslaught of snowflakes stopped as suddenly as it started. Winter’s dying hiccup, perhaps?

I hit the slopes at Hakuba 47 to enjoy  the new dusting of  snow and found that I had just missed a huge slalom snowboard race.  The  mountain was packed full of sleek racers, hippie ski bums, and  wildly colorful park punks.  A huge snowboard demo kept everyone kitted up with fun new toys to try.  I was happy just to cruise a few groomers on what had turned out to be a glorious  spring afternoon and let myself be entertained by what the circus had brought to town.

A wide variety of demo boards to take up and try out.

A great variety of colors and patterns on the mountain today

Geared up to shred.

Tailgaiting Hakuba style! BBQ and beer in the 47 parking lot.

Sweet snow planks.

A splash of color

Apres Ski smiles. Morino guests enjoy a beer at the bottom of 47 after a most amusing day!