Gifts from the Snow Gods

Keigo opts for the more adventurous route...via river!

It’s been snowing hard here in Hakuba, and the Morino crew all got on the slopes early to enjoy some fresh lines.   The 25 new centimeters came in a little heavy, but still heaps of fun to ride!  Keigo and I took a detour that had us crossing a river a few times and trudging through thigh-deep snow for ages. Well, knee-deep snow to  you non-midget types.   I suppose  you have to sweat a little for your powder every once in a while.  Whatever it takes to keep the powder gods happy!

In the meantime, those dieties of frozen vapour  have us all looking skyward and returning those smiles.  The  snow is still coming down steadily, only lighter and fluffier now.  Another fresh 30 or 40 by tomorrow morning?  Fingers crossed.  I’m glad to see this season still has some goodies in store for us powder hounds.  Woo hoo!!!