A Pleasant Powder Surprise- March 27th Cortina

There hadn’t been much snowfall the last few nights here at the lodge, so I was caught off guard when  Keigo and Junko called and reported bottomless powder and blue skies at Cortina. Craig and I didn’t hesitate. We were out the door in a flash,  arms full of gear and still chomping down breakfast.  Luckily I remembered my camera in the kerfuffle and  snapped  a few shots of what turned out a most pleasant and powdery surprise!

Just can't pin Craig to the ground on a powder day!

snow trees in cortina, hakuba

Cherry blossoms have come early this year? Nope. It looks like we'll be playing under a snowy canopy for a while yet! Sake anyone?

K-5 lets it rip!

They don't call her "Flash" for nothin! Go Junko, Go!