Hakuba Skies deliver a Snowflake Smack-Down

Powder Hounds tucked their tails between thier legs today as Hakuba skies dealt a snowfall smack-down.

Too much snow?!!!  How dare we say it!

The lot at the lodge

Too much powder? Is it possible?

To us  feisty  Fidos who strain at the leash for waist deep powder days like this, we couldn’t imagine we would hear ourselves  say it was just “too much powder.”   But last night’s dump on top of this week’s phenomenal snowfall meant most of Hakuba was simply trying to dig itself out of the doghouse today.

But every dog has it’s day, and tomorrow the powder hounds will unleash for yet another bitchin’ day in the snow.  

Powder Looms large around the Lounge.


No, it's not art! 2x4s keep the snow from busting the windows.


Even big, bad pontoon skis were no match for the onslaught of snow